Having worked as a pastry chef in a restaurant for five years, I have enjoyed making cheesecakes, breads, pies, and other pastries. My cinnamon rolls were a staple in a local coffee house for years. Even the baker at home can do amazing things in the kitchen by manipulating the premixed cake and/or brownie mixes. Brownies can be made into fluffier cakes by the addition of one or two extra eggs. I’ll go into some of the things you can do with cake and brownie batters later.


         B R E A D S  
Breads are another facet of my work that people loved. I make authentic, sink-your-molar into crust bread rolls that people have told me reminded them of old world European rolls. One woman even said her grandmother who was from Poland said my rolls reminded her of home when she was a little girl. I will share some of my secrets for these rolls.



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