My wife, Julie, is the most important person there is. From the time we dated in high school, till present, I have carried a photo of her in my wallet. Her senior picture from high school rode in my hip pocket so long that the image came off of the paper and stuck to the plastic in the photo holder in my wallet.
     Julie Senior

Senior Picture
Julie 11th grade

11th grade

We were married to others but later, after much hardship and heart break, we found each other again. For years we lived within just blocks of each other and never realized it. We ran upon each other in a Shoney’s restaurant in Roswell, Georgia. I ended up doing work on her cars and her house at the behest of her father. I knew that I still loved her after all those years. Several years later, we got back together after she had divorced and I had divorced the mother to my son and we have now been together for ten years. Not a day goes by that I don’t tell her how much I love her. Julie has two beautiful daughters from her previous marriage; Kat and Allison.734031_4759433345623_1881283018_n

Allison and Lilly


Kat with Kaylie and Kenslie

We have three beautiful and amazing grand daughters. Kaylie and Kenslie live in another state from us while Lillian lives not far from us.

Kaylie and Kenslie

photo 2




All three girls at Christmas in 2015.






My parents live not far from us. Daddy is a retired educator from Georgia College and has worked at a couple of technical schools in the area where he taught math. Mama is a retired law clerk. Mama




My son, David, is an Eagle scout. He also graduated from ABAC with his associates degree.

David is an adept guitar player.

David sings “Let it be” by the Beatles

Til Kingdom Come by Coldplay

David sings “Picture In A Frame” by Tom Waits

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