I have listed several links to some of my favorite websites. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Rocks, Minerals, and Gemstones;
       1) A mineral database.
       2) A gemstone database.
       3) Bob’s Rock Shop A website devoted to rock collectors and lapidary hobbyists.
       4) How to clean rock amd mineral specimens A site with useful tips in how to clean your rock and mineral specimens.
       5) Lapidary enthusiasts forums A list of organizations, forums and newsgroups for lapidaries around the world.
       6) The Mid-Georgia Gem and Mineral Society This is the local club to me of which I am the current President. Come and check us out. Meetings are open to all.
       7) The Southeastern Federation of Mineralogists
       8) The William Holland School of Lapidary Arts This school is dedicated to the continuing and education of the lapidary arts; metalsmithing, cutting of stones- cabochons and faceting, wire wrapping, glass beads, stone setting, metal casting (silver and gold).
       Lapidary and Jewelry making equipment and supplies;
       1) Kingsleynorth
       2) Rio Grande Rio Grande is a supplier of jewelry materials, silver and gold sheets, wires and casting materials. Also sells stones already set. Leading supplier of jewelers tools.
       3) Diamond Pacific Makers of the Genie, Titan and Pixie lapidary machines. All machines sold are diamond based tools.
       4) Lortone Lorton is a leader in tumblers and saws. They make a large range of rock tumblers and saws.
       5) Inland Lapidary Inland lapidary makes the swap-top system. This allows the same motor base to be used with many different tools only by swapping the tops around. Used by hobbyists and professionals.
       6) Covington Engineering Covington Engineering makes lapidary equipment of all types. Popular with hobbyist and professionals.
       7) Ameritools Inc Ameritools makes metal smithing and glass art tools.
       8) Graves Lapidary Graves makes and distributes lapidary equipment & supplies and jewelry equipment.
       9) Ultratec Faceting Ultratec faceting makes faceting machines and supplies.
       10) Highland Park Lapidary Highland Park is one of the premier lapidary saws from the 1960’s. In 2009, the company’s old plans and designs were bought by John Rowland and the saws are being made again.
       11) Jewelry This company sells hundreds of tools for the jewelry industry.
       12) Stuller Stuller jewelry tools and supplies
       13) Otto Frei Jewelry tools and findings.
       14) Contenti Contenti sells jewelry making supplies.
       15) Gesswein Gesswein is a merchant of lapidary and jewelry tools.
       16) A beginners guide to tumbling stones. Rock tumbling basics.

       17) Esslinger Jewelry Supplies and Equipment Esslinger jewelry supplies and equipment.
       18) Naja tools and supplies Naja tools, quality tools for jewelers and craftsmen.
       19) FDJ Tools Tools and materials for making jewelry.
       20) Monster Slayer Tools Monster Slayer tools is a source for your jewelry and lapidary needs.
       21) Metalliferous A source for metals, tools and supplies.
Culinary Arts
       1) Food Service Warehouse Everything from small wares which can be used in the home to commercial grade equipment.
       2) Chef Depot Tools for the kitchen.
       3) Culinary Direct Chef’s Tools for the Professional or Pro at Home
       4) Messermeister Professional cutlery and small wares.
       1) Intellicast Interactive weather maps.
       2) Myst Online: Uru Live A free online game. It is a multiplayer game that can be played with others or alone, solving puzzles and exploring.
       3) Machinarium Machinarium is a solo adventure game. Solve the puzzles and save the damsel and win the game.
       4) Open Office This is a free open source office program. Try it!!!
       5) Yahoo News and search engine.
       6) Google Search Engine
       7) BBC News World news
       8) Fox News Network Fox news network.
       9) CNN News network.

Silversmith and Lapidary